Laser MD SV 


  • Our tattoo removal is done with the State of the Art Quanta Q Plus C Laser
  • With our laser we can treat all colors, including reds, which is the hardest color to treat.
  • We recommend 6 treatments, but that can vary depending on size and colors.


  • IPL stands for "Intensed Pulsed Light". IPL technology improves the appearance of photoaged skin, removes age spots, redness caused by broken capillaries, and gives the skin a smoother more even tone through a process called photorejuenation. Patients are very pleased with the results because the process treats the full face, chest, neck or hands, rather than addressing a single isolated area or imperfection.

  • Laser hair removal is the leading method used to remove unwanted hair. As it pulsates through the skin, a high-intensity laser light finds hair follicles and destroys each follicle with heat. Laser light finds hair by its color or pigment. The darker and coarser the hair color, the easier the laser can find hair follicles and destroy their ability to grow.